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Should You Call a Plumbing or Septic Company?

Most homeowners get confused between choosing a plumber and a septic company when they have issues with their septic tank. However, knowing the difference is important because you need to choose a specialist who is able to diagnose the issue and advise accordingly. According to a report by EPA, septic systems are utilized by over 60 million US citizens. With such a large figure, it is always important to differentiate the services offered by plumbers and septic companies to ensure that your septic system will be properly maintained. Here are a few reasons to consider a septic company over a plumber if your septic tank is not functioning properly


If you have issues with your septic system, it is only logical to call a company that has a proven track record of working on septic tanks. A plumber, on the other hand, may not know the best actions to take if they encounter an issue with your tank. This means that they might make things worse rather than better.


Septic companies are usually insured in case something goes wrong when work is in progress. When you hire a plumber for work that is intended to be done with a septic company, you may not be covered with the best insurance. This may leave you vulnerable if any injuries occur during the installation process. You may need to incur all costs associated with repairing the damage caused by the plumber’s negligence.


Another benefit of hiring a septic company is that many offer warranties on their work. This means that you don’t have to worry about the quality of the work being performed. A plumber may not know everything that entails working on a septic tank, so you may find yourself having to pay extra money if they don’t perform the job correctly.

If you have an issue with your septic tank, don’t make the mistake of calling a plumber. This is because most plumbers may not have the necessary skills to repair a septic tank. Instead, contact our septic company that specializes in working on septic tanks. Talk to us today to get a detailed explanation of our septic tank services.