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Do You Need Septic Repairs or Septic Replacement?

If you depend on a septic system to manage your household waste, it’s inevitable that, at some point, you’ll need septic repairs. How do you know whether you’re going to need septic repairs or a septic system replacement? These signs can indicate whether repair or replacement is what you need.

Slow Drains

Most people don’t really think about their septic system until they notice an issue. About 21 million homes in America depend on septic systems, according to Circle of Blue. Most never give their system a second thought until their drains start acting up. Slow drains can be an indicator that you need a septic system repair. When drains in your home are taking longer to empty, it’s your septic system asking for help. Septic repairs can be quick and easy to repair slow drains.

Sewage Backup

If you don’t act when your drains are moving slowly, then the next indicator that you need septic repair is your drains starting to back up. A sewage backup into your sink, tub, or washing machine is an indicator that you need an emergency repair. It doesn’t mean your system is failing and needs to be replaced, but you do need help fast.

Water Puddling Overnight

If you notice that water is puddling in your yard overnight and you haven’t had any rain, it could mean your septic system needs to be replaced. This can be an indicator that your tank is cracked, that a waste pipe is damaged, or that your leach field is failing. In most cases, if water puddling is a consistent issue, you need to have all or part of your septic system replaced.

You Have the Wrong Tank Size for Your Household

If an inspection of your tank reveals that your septic tank is not large enough for your household size, you’ll definitely need to replace the tank. Replacement is the best course of action to ensure your home stays within code and you avoid the problems that can come from having a too-small tank for your household.

If you have had to undergo more than three septic repairs in the last five years, you may also want to consider replacing the system. At some point, you’re throwing too much money at a bad system.

Staying on top of septic system repairs is the single best way to extend the life of your system. If you need repairs, call us today.